Picture this: You’re the business owner or the Manager, and it seems like everyone comes to you with their problems. It’s overwhelming, and it takes away your time and focus from other crucial tasks. But why does this happen? Today, I’ll delve into the reasons and share practical strategies to shift the culture, empower your team, and solve problems more effectively.

Why Everyone Comes to You with Their Problems:

Imagine a situation where every subordinate who comes to your office drops their problem on your desk and leaves. Now, you are responsible for solving this problem for them. People bring their problems to you instead of solving them independently because they don’t think it is their job to solve it. Often employees hesitate to take ownership and solve problems themselves, passing them to higher levels. It’s embedded in the culture.

Changing the Culture: Empowering Everyone to Solve Their Own Problems

To break free from this cycle, fostering a culture where everyone feels empowered to solve their problems is vital. Here are key steps to initiate this transformation:

  1. Create an Open Roadblocks Board: Establish a safe space for people to acknowledge and discuss problems openly. Encourage the creation of a “Roadblocks Board” where individuals feel comfortable admitting challenges without fear of judgment. This step alone can be a game-changer in shifting the culture.
  2. Give Everyone a Voice: Ensure every team member can call out roadblocks. Encourage them to voice concerns, seek input, and also propose solutions. By encouraging open dialogue, you’ll unlock the collective problem-solving potential of your team.
  3. Reward Problem-Solving Activities: Recognize and reward individuals or teams who proactively identify and solve problems. Celebrate their initiative and showcase the positive impact of empowered problem-solving. By rewarding these behaviors, you reinforce the desired cultural shift.

A Simple Problem-Solving Technique that Works Every Time:

Now, let’s discuss a straightforward yet effective problem-solving technique you can implement to tackle issues head-on:

  1. Identify the Real Reason for the Problem: Dig deeper to uncover the underlying cause of the problem. Ask probing questions, analyze data, and encourage open discussion. Understanding the root cause can address the issue at its core.
  2. Agree on the Best Solution: Involve the relevant stakeholders in brainstorming potential solutions. Seek consensus and agreement on the most effective approach. By involving those affected by the problem, you foster ownership and commitment to the solution.
  3. Take Action and Hold Everyone Accountable: Develop a clear action plan and allocate responsibilities. Ensure that each person involved understands their role and commitments. Regularly follow up and hold everyone accountable for delivering on their agreed-upon actions.

Three Practical Actions to Experiment with for the Next Week:

  1. Implement the Roadblocks Board: Create a shared document or platform where team members can openly list and discuss roadblocks. Encourage everyone to contribute and collaborate on finding solutions.
  2. Conduct a Problem-Solving Workshop: Host a dedicated session introducing the problem-solving technique outlined above. Guide your team through a real-life problem they’re facing, applying the steps together.
  3. Recognize and Reward: Identify individuals or teams with proactive problem-solving behaviors. Publicly acknowledge their contributions and highlight the positive impact they’ve had.


Solving problems without losing focus requires a shift in culture and empowering your team to take ownership. By creating an open Roadblocks Board, giving everyone a voice, rewarding problem-solving efforts, and following a simple problem-solving technique, you’ll see remarkable improvements in your organization’s problem-solving abilities.

Take action this week by implementing the practical steps I’ve outlined. Adapt them to your specific situation and observe the results. Remember, we’re here to support you in diagnosing and transforming your unique