Sales Operations

Refining Marketing & Sales to Drive Growth

1: Sales Strategy
We will create a road map tachieve your revenue goals.

2: Growth Plan
We will design a plan including staffing, territories, and quotas.

3: Compensation Planning
We will develop a compensation plan that will motivate the sales team.

4: Sales Processes
We will document and align the sales process with your customer’s buying process, and with internal functions.

5: CRM – Client Relationship Management Software
We will configure your CRM System or recommend and implement a new CRM.


6: Sales Proposal Management

We will standardize and automate the proposal process.

7: Sales Forecasting
We will provide visibility tthe sales pipeline and data-driven revenue forecasting.

8: Sales Metrics
We will develop sales metrics and manage it through the CRM tool and its diligent use by the sales team.

9: Sales Management
We will run sales meetings and manage the salespeople’s performance until you are ready tor promote an in-house sales manager.

10: New Hire Contingency Recruiting
When required, we will facilitate the recruiting, assessment, and onboarding of a sales team.

Improve Sales Performance

Sales Training and Workshops

Sales Fundamentals
Full-Day Workshop for the Entire Sales Team.

This is an excellent refresher for seasoned salespeople as well as new ones. In this workshop, the participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the language of sales
  • Prepare for a sales opportunity
  • Begin the discussion on the right foot
  • Make an effective pitch
  • Handle objections
  • Seal the deal
  • Follow up on sales
  • Set sales goals
  • Manage sales data
Defining the Sales Process
Full-Day Workshop for the Entire Sales Team

A sales process gives you a road map and describes what you need to do at each phase of engagement with your customer. It provides the foundation for consistency and for improving sales performance. During this workshop, your sales team will create your sales process map that is aligned to your customer’s buying process and behaviors.

Sales Messaging and Scripts
Full-Day Workshop for Sales, Marketing, and Management Personnel

During this workshop, we will define your organization around the customer problems you solve. Your team will create messaging tools for a product or service offering selected specifically for the workshop. These tools will be used by your sales team as “conversation templates” to enhance their interactions with potential customers. Your organization’s marketing and sales will be aligned with consistent and convincing messages that communicate the value most important to your targeted buyers and the differentiation that will create demand for your offering.

Overcoming Sales Objections and Closing
Full-Day Workshop for Sales, Marketing, and Management Personnel.

Your business depends on the ability of your salespeople to manage and overcome customer objections. In this workshop, participants will learn to identify objections, turn them into opportunity, and close the sales.

Negotiating Skills
Full-Day Workshop for Sales, Marketing, and Management Personnel

This workshop is a combination learning and simulation, where your team will learn the key negotiating strategies, and will practice different tactics during role play, using scenarios from their daily experience.

Impeccable Customer Service
Full-Day workshop for Anyone In Your Organization Who Speaks With Your Customers

Each and every person in your business serves customers, whether they realize it or not. This workshop will look at all types of clients and how each person can serve them better and improve their skills in the process. Your participants will be provided a strong skill set including in-person and over the phone techniques, dealing with difficult customers, and generating return business.

Interpersonal Skills
Half-Day Workshop for The Entire Sales Team.

This workshop will help participants work towards being remembered and noticed in a room by providing:

  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Tips on making an impact
  • Advice on networking and starting conversations
DISC Selling Styles, and How to Use Them
Full-Day Workshop for The Entire Sales Team.

DISC is a behavior assessment tool, which centers on four different behavioral traits: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. Prior to this workshop, each participant will take the assessment, and bring it to the workshop. The Everything DISC Sales Training increases sales effectiveness using the power of DISC. Salespeople learn to communicate better and improve their sales relationships by:

  • Understanding their DISC sales style
  • Identifying and understanding their customer’s DISC buying styles
  • Adapting their DISC sales style to meet their customer’s needs
“We were looking to improve the sales performance of our in-house sales team and hired Blomberg Consulting for a six-month training program. By the end of the training, our sales team has acquired over 200 new customers, averaging 50+ new customers each month, with significant revenue growth over the same period last year. Thank you, Blomberg Consulting! I highly recommend Tsila and her team to any business looking to boost sales performance.”

Jeff Schiller Sales Manager, Marina Medical Instruments, Inc