Your leadership team plays a critical role in shaping your company’s growth, relationships, and brand. They are your co-pilots; their abilities can make or break your business. This article will explore how to choose, develop, and nurture a great leadership team to help you run your business effectively.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Leaders:

  1. Who are Your Leaders, and How Did They Get There? Take a closer look at your current leadership team. Consider their backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Are they in their positions because they are the best fit for the job, or were they simply available? Choose leaders based on their qualifications, expertise, and alignment with your company’s values.
  2. Principals and Values: Ensure your leadership team shares your company’s principles and values. Their alignment with your vision and mission is crucial for maintaining a cohesive and focused organization. Leaders committed to upholding these principles will effectively guide the company toward success.
  3. Capability and Willingness: Assess whether your leaders have the necessary skills and capabilities to fulfill their roles effectively. Do they possess the expertise required to tackle the challenges of their positions? Additionally, evaluate whether they genuinely want to take on their responsibilities and contribute to the growth of the business.
  4. Following Your Vision: Your leadership team must be willing to follow you and your vision. They should be aligned with the direction you want to take the company and support your strategic decisions. A cohesive leadership team that shares a common vision fosters unity and drives the organization forward.
  5. Vulnerability-Based Trust: Embrace vulnerability-based trust within your leadership team, as emphasized by Patrick Lencioni. Encourage open communication, honesty, and a safe environment for sharing ideas and concerns. Trust is the foundation for effective teamwork and collaboration.

Practical Actions for Immediate Results:

To build a high-performing leadership team, consider experimenting with these three practical actions in the coming week:

  1. Assess Your Current Team: Evaluate your existing leadership team’s qualifications, skills, and alignment with your company’s values. Identify any gaps or areas for improvement that need attention.
  2. Invest in Development: Provide opportunities for leadership development and training. Offer workshops, seminars, or coaching sessions to enhance their skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities. Develop their potential to contribute more effectively to the organization’s growth.
  3. Foster Open Communication: Create a culture of open communication within your leadership team. Encourage regular meetings, brainstorming sessions, and forums for sharing ideas and feedback. Emphasize the importance of active listening and constructive dialogue to enhance collaboration and decision-making.


Building a great leadership team is vital for your company’s success. Choose leaders based on their qualifications, values, and alignment with your vision. Assess their capabilities and willingness to contribute. Foster vulnerability-based trust within the team, allowing for open communication and collaboration. You will establish a strong leadership team that drives your business toward growth and excellence by implementing these steps and the suggested actions.

If you need assistance building your leadership team or want to help diagnose your specific situation, feel free to contact us. We are here to support you on your journey to building a high-performing leadership team that propels your business forward.